Inverclyde Construction Forum

Riverside Inverclyde (ri) initially set up Inverclyde Construction Forum in September 2008 having secured partnership support from Inverclyde Council and River Clyde Homes. Its ethos, its purpose, its expectations and its credibility were firmly established during ri's leadership throughout the following16 months, during which time the template for frequency and format of the meetings was determined i.e. breakfast meetings (guest speakers and tender opportunities) and seminars.

However, ri had the foresight to evolve the forum into a more active and less passive community and, in the final quarter of 2009, worked to transition the forum from being 'Riverside Inverclyde's construction forum into an independent, constituted body, with registered members and run by a nine person Steering Committee representing a balanced cross-section of the industry and the community (as detailed in the Constitution, attached).

This transition was successfully concluded by a full ratification at Inverclyde Construction Forum's (ICF) first AGM in January 2010. This was a major step forward in both the sustainability of ICF and the commitment and ambition of the local community towards economic growth self-determination. Riverside Inverclyde, along with River Clyde Homes and Inverclyde Council, are permanent members of the Steering Committee which is chaired by a local businessman. Unlike other Local Construction Forums in Scotland, ICF does not have a funded full-time resource from SE or SCC, but is run on an entirely voluntary basis by the goodwill of the Steering Committee, for the benefit of the construction-related industry in Inverclyde. This clearly demonstrates ri's successful approach in working with the community to stimulate economic growth in the area.  

ICF aims to improve the competitiveness of its membership, encourage company development and thereby enhance members' potential for winning new contracts. This aids economic growth in the area and leads to an improved and sustainable local construction sector.

ICF acts as a forum for its members to enhance business development and growth by focusing on, but not exclusively, the following :

  • Providing the mechanism for debate, discussion and networking
  • Visibility/awareness of tender opportunities
  • The promotion of Community Benefits Clauses in PQQ's and tenders
  • Readiness for, and skilled in, the PQQ and tendering processes
  • Acting as a conduit for all relevant industry information from national organisations and maintaining and developing links to those national organisations, representing the views and concerns of ICF
  • Sharing best practice and innovation
  • Creating an enhanced industry perception and image of Inverclyde construction and supply chain thereby increasing opportunity for business awards
  • Facilitate business expertise improvement and workforce development opportunities
  • Utilise all available accesses from other organisations to the construction industry network

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